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Created by Francois Demachy, the new Miss Dior Rose n’Roses is a statement for the most delicate flower, by far the most loved by the great couturier. The heart of Miss Dior Rose N’Roses swirls with the spicy burst of Grasse Rose.

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Miss Dior 2013 | Natalie Portman


Miss Dior is the everlasting heroine of a fashion house that has made beauty its destiny and the signature of its flamboyance. She was born as a couture perfume at the hands of a creator who set out in 1947 to craft a fragrance that would be as lovely as his dresses. The perfume of an elegant, joyful young woman, a woman in love!

Miss Dior Eau de Toilette, an audacious chypre with a jasmine heart.


Paris 1947. With her slender figure, regal poise and graceful step, she hastens down the glittering paving stones of Avenue Montaigne. Are you wondering if she’s pretty? Well, she is more than that. She is radiant with the nonchalance of a Parisian lady and the elegance of a princess. She is light-hearted and sophisticated, elegant and youthful, passionate and distinguished.

Catherine Dior –for that is her name– stops in front of number 30 Avenue Montaigne, the address of the couture House that has just been founded by her beloved older brother, Christian. As she hurries up the stairs of the grand town house, young Catherine thinks about how often he mentions his desire to create a new kind of fragrance. How it has to reflect the soul of his dresses.

Catherine Dior opens the door of the studio and makes a notable entrance. Everyone is won over by her charm. She is quite delightful. Seated around the work table covered with sketches are Christian Dior and Mitzah Bricard, his outspoken muse. She looks up, her eye makeup a work of art in itself, stares at Catherine and exclaims in amusement: “Here’s Miss Dior!” Christian freezes. “Miss Dior, now there’s a name for my perfume!” he enthuses. Thus, “Miss Dior” was born and that is the story of its impertinently joyful name.

Miss Dior - Sofia Coppola

Miss Dior is the most beautiful woman in love and famous director Sofia Coppola captures in film this fresh, charming and glowing with happiness heroine. Life is rosy in her eyes, “la vie en rose”.

When he sought to create his first perfume, a fragrance as elegant as the dresses he designed, Christian Dior came up with these now famous words: “Make me a perfume that smells like love”.
Today, Oscar winner Natalie Portman is more beautiful than ever
as the infinitely graceful and radiant heroine of Miss Dior; the face of love.

Shot by Tim Walker, Natalie Portman wears a creation by Raf Simons, new Creative Director of the House of Dior. Delicately adorned with layered chiffon, this white organza dress stands as a modern echo to the famous Miss Dior dress embroidered with a thousand flowers and designed in 1949.

the CODE Magazine | Archive March 2013
Photos: Courtesy of Dior