Y Eau de Parfum is the latest addition to the Y story. The new fragrance is a bolder, strong version of Y telling the story of a man who is more advanced in his accomplishment path but for whom the “why” question is still very present. 

Y by Yves Saint Laurent is not the story of one man but of a whole generation: a creative generation of men who dare to follow their passions and carve their own paths. From inspiration, through hard work and collaboration, to self-accomplishment and success. New Y Eau de Parfum is a seductive interpretation on the iconic Yves Saint Laurent white t-shirt and black jacket.


Y Eau de Parfum represents a man who has accomplished his dreams and is moving towards a new tomorrow. He’s a man willing to share his ideas with a focus on improving the world; a man established, confident and capable of facing the challenges presented to him. He’s one step further on the route to accomplishment. He takes nothing for granted. He will always keep believing, always keep pushing, that’s Y he will never stop.


Created by the legendary perfumer Dominique Ropion, Y Eau de Parfum is a light and dark fougère fragrance, featuring fresh citrus and aromatic notes followed by a deeper intensity of sensual woods. It perfectly complements the multifaceted personality traits of the Y man.

The start of the scent is fresh, a tangy and explosive duet of bergamot and ginger. A freshness contrasted and emphasized by a fruity, juicy and crunchy green apple. Sage and juniper redraw a powerful masculinity boosted by elegant notes of geranium absolute to provide freshness and contrast. The background of the scent is more intense, more sensual and more masculine with the addition of vetiver that reinforces the mysterious depth of olibanum and tonka bean.


The Y EAU DE PARFUM for men’s iconic bottle is an expression of modernity. A sharp & minimal design, sliced with the strong Y identity as a creative signature.


Despite being all about the music, Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine ventures into new territory as the face of Y Eau de Parfum. With three Grammy Awards as part of Maroon 5, six succesful albums and his stint as a judge on the US version of The Voice, Levine was deemed the perfect choice to front the Y Eau de Parfum campaign. In a statement, YSL Beauté described Levine as personifying the spirit of the fragrance, which is about the willingness to push oneself in the pursuit of success.

A bold creative force with a sense of his place in the world, Levine provides the perfect blend of youth, establishment and creativity. With his lack of fear and an intensity of vision which mirrors the dark heart of the fragrance; as he also has a clarity of thought, which reflects the bright, inclusive spirit of the scent.

In a nutshell, Levine effortlessly embodies the Y values. 

Photos: Courtesy of YSL Beauté