Exploring the world, rediscovering its beauty and magic is empowering. It allows us to regroup, find balance and reconnect with ourselves. For those who know how to listen, Nature is an incomparable guide, an endless source of strength and confidence. Davidoff Parfums reminds us that the way back to our inner nature goes through Nature itself.


The new Run Wild fragrance reaffirms and expands Davidoff’s vision. If Cool Water celebrates the power and magnificence of the ocean, Run Wild explores the untamed confines of the world, tapping into an entirely different natural energy. It is a raw and mysterious power that stems from wild forests and the green waters of untouched waterfalls.

The Run Wild men and women are fully aware that they live in two complementary realities: the fast and thrilling rhythm of our urban world and the deep and mysterious depths of savage wilderness. They value their inalienable right to disconnect, to break free from everyday constraints. They express their profound connection to Nature through their travels and explorations.

Their bond with the Wild runs deep. More than a simple getaway from the city, a momentary urban detox, it is a true quest for freedom. It infuses their whole existence, inspiring a renewed relationship to food, physical activity, time management or beauty rituals. It becomes a way of life, an unprecedented form of coolness and fulfillment.

Run Wild by Davidoff


Fully embracing the evidence of gender equality, Davidoff Run Wild fragrances were simultaneously developed for both men and women. The design of these perfumes was entrusted to two teams of master perfumers endowed with the gifts of imagination and creativity. Blending carefully selected noble ingredients from remote corners of the world, they crafted unique fragrances that express premium naturality and a new olfactory identity:a freshness from the wild.



Blending more than six natural ingredients, the Run Wild men’s fragrance is an ode to a wild and authentic Nature. At its heart, wild lavender from the American Southeast delivers the incomparable freshness that constitutes the perfume’s signature scent. This ultra-resilient plant perfectly illustrates what Run Wild is about. In the most extreme climatic conditions, in arid soil, it manages to grow and thrive. Slightly salty and very fresh, it completely renews the concept of coolness.

This amazing essence is facetted with precious cinnamon from Madagascar. Collected deep in the bush from carefully selected trees, this rich spice is characterized by unique overtones of amber. Warm, almost incandescent, its rich aroma perfectly highlights the freshness of the wild lavender. Cinnamon also imparts a highly delectable quality to Davidoff Run Wild. Powerful base notes of fir balsam add an unabashedly virile touch. The precious golden resin symbolizes the raw strength and vital energy that the Run Wild man draws from Nature.



The fragrance was inspired by the mouth-watering memory of a pistachio cream. This unlikely but brilliant accord offers a truly unique top note. Very creamy, highly delectable and slightly mischievous, the scent evokes freedom and sensuality. This green nut is facetted with ruby red pomegranate. The generous and juicy fruit creates an intense explosion of flavors, adding to the appetizing quality of the pistachio cream.
This intense fruity overture is contrasted by blossoming floral heart notes. Among them, jasmine takes precedence as its lush and carnal scent infuses the Run Wild women’s perfume. The mesmerizing white flower seamlessly blends sensuality and sophistication, fittingly reflecting the fragrance’s premium naturality.



The bottle of the Run Wild men’s fragrance pays homage to Cool Water’s heritage. It retains the sleek and architectural lines of the iconic blue bottle. The heavy facetted glass and engraved metal cap are a token of premium quality and unrivalled elegance. The vivid and lively font of the logo recalls Davidoff Run Wild’s attachment to its instinctive nature. The bottle of the Run Wild women’s fragrance is a variant of its male counterpart. Their similitude reflects a sense of equality that leaves room for diversity. The lines are softer, more rounded and delicate.
The transparent bottles of the men’s and women’s fragrances reveal slightly different shades of green.
The choice of this color, seldom used in perfumery, was deliberate. Beyond the obvious allusion to Nature, it is a sign of unconventionality and freedom, a token of creativity and sophistication.

The men’s fragrance displays a deep green shade, with rich blue overtones.  The women’s perfume exhibits a lighter lime green.
The outer boxes match this distinction. Both proudly exhibit the common Run Wild signature.

Are you ready to break free?
Will you dare answer the call of the wild?