Nothing says spring better than bright, happy hues. And you don’t even need much to change your mood. Here’s how to bring the colours back into your home.

Colour Perfect

Paint a wall and bring a bright and spring tone into your personal space.
Transform your sofas with some help from 
colourful throws.
Place around the rooms decorative cushions in spring, bold colours.
Put together scented candles in various sizes to create an interesting setting.
A chic adhesive print instead of a wallpaper on the wall can be a pleasant suprise.
Create a decorative setting in your living room, your bedroom or even your bathroom, using beauty products such as perfumes, body lotions, hand creams or scented soaps. 
Don’t forget: spring is the best season to renew your body, your mind and your home.

theCODE Magazine | Issue No.2 April 2013 (Archive)
Words: Vana Antonopoulou