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Is there any romance left in the digital era when the silence over texting is so loud?
A soul full of sentiments prefers to express her feelings outwardly…

New Romance | February 2017 - 01

Tulle top Temperley, Enny Monaco

New Romance February 2017 | 02

Choker with crystals and lace dress Lanvin, Luisa World 
Blue stockings Transparenze
Shoes Carvela 

New Romance February 2017 | 03

Silk dress Balenciaga, Balenciaga Boutique
Green stockings Transparenze 
Vintage belt Gucci, Queen Calliope
Shoes, Miss KG – Attica

New Romance February 2017 | 04

Silk top and skirt with lace and silk clutch, all Ted Baker
Velvet turban, stylists own
Woolen beanie with sequins, Pinko – Attica

New Romance February 2017 | 06

Silk top Alexander McQueen, Luisa World
Tulle skirt Giambattista Valli, Enny Monaco
Blooming Garland fox-fur scarf Fendi, Luisa World – SHOP NOW
Socks Pinko, Attica

New Romance February 2017 | 05

Silk top Fendi, Luisa World
Tulle skirt with lace, Ted Baker 
Woolen beanie with sequins, Pinko 
Shoes, Miss KG – Attica 

New Romance February 2017 | 02

Choker with crystals Lanvin, Luisa World

Lace dress with sequins and pearls Gucci, Luisa World
Yellow stockings Transparenze, Attica
Shoes, Kurt Geiger – Attica

Photographer: Filippos Hatzis | Fashion Editor : Stefanos Zaousis (D-Tales)
Make up: Marita Politou |  Hair: Vasilis Stratigos (D-Tales)
Fashion associate: Iris Karidi 
Model : Nikki Sluiter (Ace)

Jo Malone Myrrh & Tonka

An Oriental Journey to Namibia: Jo Malone Myrrh & Tonka

“Namibia, with its sand dunes and warm desert colours, conjured up the romance of faraway lands.”

— Céline Roux, Fragrance Director

Myrrh & Tonka is the latest unisex addition to Cologne Intense Collection.

Developed by perfumer Mathilde Bijaoui this creamy yet sensual fragrance is addictive, captivating and mesmerising.  It combines the potent sap of the Namibian myrrh tree with a little dose of warm almond and lush vanilla from the tonka bean. The final fragrance is deep and gives a real sense of richness, travel and escape while it stays true to Jo Malone’s philosophy of simplicity and clarity.  



“Both the myrrh and the tonka have a decadent and addictive quality that chimes with the concept of rarity and opulence. I felt that the collection was missing a fully warm, sensual and rounded Oriental feel.”

Right at the top there is a hint of lavender and a little floral to make the opening effect comforting and voluptuous. The big, rich heart and base note of myrrh is sensual and balsamic, with hints of amber and licorice. And the tonka brings generosity. There is also a touch of vanilla, cypriol and gaiac wood, which together deliver a smoky tobacco note to the perfume.


the CODE|Magazine – January 2017

Tom Ford Nocturnal Animals Amy Adams


Tom Ford is back in the director’s chair –reprising his role as costume designer, producer, writer and, visionary, in other words as unseen protagonist of his second film. Nocturnal Animals is a feature film we know beforehand that will have a spellbinding atmosphere and set, an amazing score, beautiful people, and chic wardrobe and accessories; But what about the script?

When you are Tom Ford, the screenplay is very specific. After his Oscar nominated 2009 debut ‘A Single Man’, his latest film ‘Nocturnal Animals’ is a dark thriller, a film noir, full of aesthetic fixations.

His directorial debut was a critical and commercial success. The movie ‘A Single Man’ took him to the Baftas, the Golden Globes, and the Oscars; And everyone expecting to find form over substance, was surprised.
Almost ten years later, in 2006, he started trading under his own name and there are now 122 Tom Ford stores worldwide, he designs clothes for women (Michelle Obama chose one of his gowns when she met the Queen), has been legally married to his longtime partner, and is the proud father of a four year old.
Ford’s latest movie, which Focus Features picked up for $20 million at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015, has a somewhat more complex narrative.


Nocturnal Animals turns the idea of a love story completely on its head in the most unexpected and brutal way. No wonder it won the Grand Jury Prize at this year’s Venice International Film Festival.

Susan (Amy Adams) is the successful owner of an art gallery. She is dressed in all black and high heels, she is seated in all-white sofas, and she used to be married to Edward (Jake Gyllenhaal). You can tell that Ford takes the film business seriously: in ‘Nocturnal Animals’ the protagonists don’t wear his designs. Instead, they sport clothing from the likes of Marc Jacobs and Alessandro Michele.



Credit: Merrick Morton/Focus Features

Tom Ford | Nocturnal Animals


‘It’s a film about loyalty and true love’, acknowledges Tom Ford. The film is almost autobiographical. Perfectionist, romantic, old fashioned. Ford, having struggled with alcoholism and depression himself, does not necessarily believe in happy endings. ’I’ve realised that material things aren’t the things that are important… Nobody lives happily ever after. If you buy this and do that and build this house, you’re not going to be happy. Life is happy, sad, tragic, joyful. But that’s not what we’re taught, that’s not what our culture pounds into our heads.’


theCODE Magazine (Archive) | Issue 08 – December 2016

Editorial | Great Expectations

Great Expectations

A story about dreams and expectations in a spiritual context. A fairytale touch transforms the silhouettes into dreamy elves playing with the shadows. 

Dress with lace and swarovski crystals, Celia Kritharioti Haute Couture, Satin gloves, Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias

Wool and feather vest Twin Set, Eponymo via Golden Hall, Soie sauvage corset Atelier Loukia, Feather earings with butterflies Pericles Kondylatos

Left: Tulle dress, BCBG Max Azria/Attica, Small tulle cape Meuf, Satin shoes with feathers, Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias,  Right: Silk tulle dress, Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias

Silk dress with metal crystals, feathers and lace Deux Hommes,
Satin gloves, Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias


Fashion Editor: Stefanos Zaousis
Photographer: Kostas Avgoulis
Make up: Efi Ramone  |  Hair: Vasilis Stratigos 

Treatment Lotions: All you need to know

Inspired by the skincare routine of Asian women, treatment lotions make a dynamic entrance into our daily rituals. Their multiple benefits and ability to boost the effectiveness of our skincare products counterweight the expense and effort needed for their daily use…


Treatment lotions are also called softeners. They are a bit like toners but actually the only common thing between toners and treatment lotions is their liquid form. They are not designed to remove cleanser residue or temporarily strip away excess sebum and minimize the appearance of pores.
As implied by their name, most of them are packed with moisturizing and revitalizing agents that balance pH, restore moisture loss in the upper layer and help the active ingredients of the products used shortly after to better penetrate into the skin.


Unlike toners which are part of the cleansing process, treatment lotions soothe, refresh and moisturize the skin. They serve as the ideal carriers of the valuable active ingredients of your serum, day and/or night cream. According to the experts, our skin behaves like a sponge; when it is wet, meaning well hydrated, can be more receptive to active ingredients.

So, treatment lotions actually prepare the ground for the condensed ingredients of low molecular weight (usually contained into the serums) to go deeper into the skin.  After that, your day or night cream seals and keeps the moisture in. The softening agents which are present in the composition of the skincare products, form a thin film on the surface of your skin preventing water loss to the environment. So basically, this is an intensive way of keeping your face hydrated, plump and glowing.
The latest treatment lotions contain additional rejuvenating and anti-aging ingredients for an even more enhanced effect.


Always applied on a clean skin. Dab or splash on face and neck. While the skin is still wet, follow with your serum. 

Extra beauty tip: Dab your cotton pads with the liquid essence and place them onto your face, like a mask. Allow for 5′ and remove. 


La Mer Treatment Lotion

A rich and silky hydrator that visibly awakens the complexion and drives moisture deep into the skin

Click/tap image to shop the items pictured

La Prairie Skin Caviar Essence in Lotion

A light yet potent formula, contains caviar water – a highly concentrated infusion with active caviar-rich components.

Click/tap image to shop the items pictured

Sisleÿa Essential Skin Care Lotion

Essential active ingredients (Marshmallow extract, Padina pavonica, Phytosqualane and Gingko biloba) help moisturize and nourish the skin

Click/tap image to shop the items pictured

Shiseido BENEFIANCE NutriPerfect Pro-Fortifying Softener

A highly effective, skin-fortifying balancing softener for mature skin

 Click/tap image to shop the items pictured

Bobbi Brown Extra Treatment Lotion

A water-based lotion is perfect for anyone who needs an extra moisture boost and who likes their skin soothed, calm and more even looking.

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Iconic Muses-Dolce&Gabbana

The Iconic Muses of Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana are famous for their various interpretations of the Italian woman. Over the years we have seen the imagery of the Virgin Mary, the Prima Donnas of Cinecittà, la mamma italiana dressed in black lace and voluptuous feminine figures walking at the catwalks and starring in their campaigns. 
In anticipation of their Milan Fashion Week show, we look back at most iconic Dolce & Gabbana muses that are synonymous with the identity of the Italian fashion house.

Sophia Loren

If there is one Italian actress you already know, this is without a doubt, Sophia Loren. The heroine in some of Cinecittà’s biggest films, she is the embodiment of the fantasy woman who seduced the whole of Hollywood, as well establishing herself as an iconic Dolce & Gabbana muse. Representing the eternal beauty of the Italian woman, Loren is the face of the house’s campaign for the perfume Dolce Rosa Excelsa where she portrays the mother of a large Italian family tasked with restoring a Sicilian villa.


Iconic Muses-Sophia Loren x Dolce&Gabbana

Monica Bellucci

Since 1992 when she appeared in Steven Meisel’s Dolce & Gabbana campaign, Monica Bellucci has been one of the Italian house’s staple female muses. Famed for her full-bodied, womanly figure, she is a darling of filmmakers in Rome and throughout the world. She still regularly appears in the now iconic Dolce & Gabbana campaigns that exploit 1960s Italian stereotypes and clichés, showing generations young and old coming together for a family portrait on a beach in Capri.

Iconic Muses-Monica Bellucci x Dolce&Gabbana

Bianca Balti

With her dreamy big blue eyes and killer figure, Bianca Balti is the embodiment of the ideal Italian femme fatale. With her Madonna-like beauty and delicate features, she has graced the Dolce & Gabbana catwalk since her first appearance in 2005 and she was the face of their campaign for Light Blue perfume shot by Mario Testino in Capri island.  In an ode to motherhood, the Italian beauty made the news last season when she walked the Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2015 catwalk six months pregnant.

Iconic Muses- Bianca Balti x Dolce&Gabbana

Bianca Brandolini d’Adda

A noble socialite with an Italian-Brazilian background, Bianca Brandolini D’Adda is a representation of the quintessential Italian woman. With her wild mane of brown hair and athletic and tanned figure became a standout muse for the fashion house over the years.The Italian socialite regularly poses in their campaigns where she is depicted in noisy Italian scenes surrounded by adoring Lotharios. 



Iconic Muses x Dolce & Gabbana- Bianca Brandolini d’Adda
Victoria Beckham Estee Lauder Makeup Launch

Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder: The Launch

It’s been a few months since it was announced that Victoria Beckham teamed up with Estée Lauder for a limited-edition makeup collection—and now, the brand has finally revealed the 14-product collection.  Beckham organized the pieces into four subsets, each named after her favorite cities.
theCODE has all the details…



Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder / London

“I fell in love in London. The city is my heart and soul, always inspiring. The perfect blend of culture and edge, London is just cool.”

Intense sooty black eyes marked with liner. Oil-slick shadow. Flecks of gold. Nude polished lips. Tough with edge, yet beautifully feminine at the same time.

Clockwise from top left

Eye Foil in Blonde Gold (a strong, blonde gold shine)
Sparkling pearl pigments add flecks of blonde gold in this liquid metal-effect formula. This breakthrough new liquid eye foil delivers intense vinyl-like shine – even after it has dried. 

Eye Ink in Black Myrrh
For intense, sooty black eyes. This pressed gel-cream formula is an innovation in eyeshadow and can be used dry or wet for an intense, editorial finish. The dense pigment delivers a deep, rich, almost black shade with a touch of pearl for a sexy look.

Eye Kajal Duo in Black Saffron/Vanille
This double-ended pencil delivers an exceptionally soft and creamy texture. A potent black pencil (Black Saffron) and eye-opening nude (Vanille) create a sexy, smudged, edgy look. For day, line the inner lid with Vanille. For night, edge eyes in black with Black Saffron. 

Lipstick in Brazilian Nude (soft and natural)
Create a perfect nude polished lip with Brazilian Nude

Eye Metals Eyeshadow in Bitter Clove
High-shine eyeshadows deliver a precious metal finish to the eye with densely pigmented color that is strong and sexy. Wear alone or layered over Eye Ink for a high octane finish.



“Modern, cool, sophisticated. I am inspired by the fast pace of New York, the energy on the streets and the sensory overload. The way the light gleams off glass, concrete and steel.”

A sapphire eye. Luminous skin contrasted by matte bronze. The nudest glossy lip.

Clockwise from top left

Bronzer in Java Sun
This matte bronzer is the perfect natural shade. It can be used all over for a sun-kissed look, or worn beneath the cheekbones to contour and define.

Lip Gloss in Moroccan Heat
This warm, nude lip gloss offers high shine for a polished look. Infused with Estée Lauder’s signature fig scent, this lip gloss can be worn alone or over lipstick to give a plump and polished pout

Eye Palette
Shades of rich sapphire, gold-hued nude, metallic honey, sophisticated sage, concrete grey and shimmery copper. These six powder eyeshadow shades can be applied wet or dry. Innovative dual purpose pearlized pigments have a translucency that allow these eyeshadows to reflect light and pull light into the formula for a more vibrant look.

Lip Pencil in Victoria
Victoria’s signature nude-matte pencil. This formula imparts incredibly creamy color with the staying power of a traditional lip pencil. Meant to be worn every day to create a naturally full pout. Can be worn alone as a liner or all over the lip.


Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder / New York


Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder / London

“I love the incredible light, spirit and energy of L.A. Luxuriate in the warm sensual glow.” 

A youthful, laid-back look—perfectly sun-kissed with nude lined eyes and fresh glossy lips.

Clockwise from top left

Bronzer in Java Sun
This matte bronzer is the perfect natural shade. It can be used all over for a sun-kissed look, or worn beneath the cheekbones to contour and define.

Lip Gloss in Moroccan Heat
This warm, nude lip gloss offers high shine for a polished look. Infused with Estée Lauder’s signature fig scent, this lip gloss can be worn alone or over lipstick to give a plump and polished pout.

Lip Pencil in Victoria
Victoria’s signature nude-matte pencil. This formula imparts incredibly creamy color with the staying power of a traditional lip pencil. Meant to be worn every day to create a naturally full pout. Can be worn alone as a liner or all over the lip.

Highlighter in Modern Mercury
This previous limited edition Estée Lauder highlighter is back. A favorite of Victoria’s, it can be used to highlight and contour the face. Worn on cheekbones, this high shine highlighter creates that sexy sweaty skin look.



“I love the allure of Paris. The sophisticated style on the street is contagious. Drench yourself in French style and lose yourself in Parisian chic.”

Lips are matte in sunset. Eyes are dramatically lined in charred emerald. Edged in charcoal foil.

Clockwise from top left

Eye Metals Eyeshadow in Charred Emerald
High-shine eyeshadows deliver a precious metal finish to the eye with densely pigmented color that is strong and sexy. Wear alone or layered over Eye Ink for a high octane finish. An intense, metallic blackened green.

Lipstick in Chilean Sunset
Chilean Sunset is a matte, orange-based red taken directly from Victoria Beckham’s signature sunset palette. 

Eye Foil in Burnt Anise (a strong, rich, charcoal shine)
Sparkling pearl pigments add flecks of silver in this liquid metal-effect formula. This breakthrough new liquid eye foil delivers intense vinyl-like shine – even after it has dried.

Eye Kajal Duo in Black Saffron/Vanille
This double-ended pencil delivers an exceptionally soft and creamy texture. A potent black pencil (Black Saffron) and eye-opening nude (Vanille) create a sexy, smudged, edgy look. For day, line the inner lid with Vanille. For night, edge eyes in black with Black Saffron.


Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder / Paris

“I want to make women feel empowered, to feel sexy and confident. This make-up does that. I love to make women feel like the best version of themselves. I have been collecting make-up for many years. I am always mixing colours to get what I want. With this collection, I believe I have created many of the key pieces that you really need in your make-up kit. As a woman who likes to wear make-up, this is exactly what I want. Now I am excited to share it with women everywhere.”

Victoria Beckham

Blooming Paris - Shanina Shaik

Blooming Paris

Model Shanina Shaik moves into the sleepy streets of Paris on a Sunday morning, photographed and styled by the multi-talented Margarita Zhang last September. 

Shanina Shaik|Margaret Zhang
Shanina Shaik|Margarte Zhang
Shanina Shaik|Margaret Zhang

Shanina Shaik shows off her incomparable style—feminine, playful and well-pearled while her
“frekles and power-brows perfectly offset the punchy femininity” of Alessandro Michele’s Gucci Resort 2016. 

Michele’s Gucci was colorful, eccentric, and unabashedly retro. An expression of the desire to put sensuality before sexiness. Along with knife-pleated lace skirts and frilly chiffon minidresses in faded pastel shades, there were long-sleeved evening dresses that tumbled to the floor in tiered chiffon ruffles with black velvet bows and saccharine-colored corsages at the neck.

Clothing from Gucci were paired with Swarovski jewelry from the Edify collection. The simple yet glamorous, clean pearls came in perfect contrast with the vibrant colors and retro clothing style to create an edgy total look.


Photograph & Style: Margaret Zhang
Model: Shanina Shaik @IMG 

 Shanina wears Swarovski, Gucci, and Michael Lo Sordo throughout

See the full story here

Blooming Paris Shanina Shaik|Margarte Zhang
Blooming Paris Shanina Shaik|Margaret Zhang
Blooming Paris - Shanina Shaik | Margaret Zhang
Blooming Paris - Shanina Shaik|Margaret Zhang
Blooming Paris - Shanina Shaik|Margaret Zhang
Blooming Paris - Shanina Shaik|Margaret Zhang
From Capri with Love | Main


Capri is an island of wonder and love. A land of never-ending legend, a place where myth, history and imagination merge. Inspired by its beauty, writers travel to the island to discover all it has to offer, creating enchanting tales of awe and wonder.
Moreover, the pearl of the Mediterranean is a paradise where the Dolce Vita never ends.
Dive into the crystal blue waters and immerse yourself in Capri’s panoramic views and fragrant aromas. 
A postcard from Capri with love…

Legend has it that Capri was founded by Koloneus, a handsome man descended from the Gods, Vulcan and Venus. He was sent to Capri to express his love, dedicating a sea stack to each of the women he treasured…
According to history, Capri was a Greek colony when it was “discovered” by the Emperor Augusts, on his way back from a journey to the the Orient in 29BC.
Falling in love with it, he brought it under the rule of Rome, marking it as a destination for the privileged to relax and nest. But it was his successor Tiberius who, after settling on the island for over ten years, established it as a place of grandeur. 

From the Roman emperors to the stars of Hollywood, no one can resist its charm. Over the years, everyone has captivated by Capri; an island rich in history and nature and famous for its elegance and elite visitors.


A very old story which continues to fascinate with its wonders


Capri’s coastline is home to the towering Faraglioni, the rocks which rise majestically from the sea and one of the most iconic symbols of the island. These unique natural structures (coastal and oceanic rock formations eroded by waves) have each been given a name: the first, still attached to the land, is called Stella, the second, separated from the first block by a stretch of sea; Faraglione di Mezzo and the third, Faraglione di Fuori or Scopolo, meaning the head or promontory stretching into the sea. The Faraglione di Mezzo is characterized by a central cavity, large enough to allow for the passage of a small boat. 

These three formations have become so iconic that they instantly remind anyone of Capri.
They are also the protagonists of the unforgettable Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue campaigns, featuring David Gandy and Bianca Balti shot by Mario Testino.

Take a stroll along the sloping cliffs of Capri and admire the sea view, as you spot the famous Faraglioni in the distance. Your gaze drifts towards the Arch or Love, the natural opening in the rocks where girls sigh; longing the be kissed by the boy they love. Rumour has it that kissing here brings good luck.


Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue campaign | Click/tap the image to shop the products pictured


A must visit spot for spending a day on a beach with view of the Faraglioni is the Marina Piccola beach which lies directly opposite Capri’s giant sea stacks. On the sunny South side of the island, sheltered from the wind by a steep wall of rock, the bay is almost always warm. From the center of Capri you can reach Marina Piccola quickly and easily on foot, via the panoramic Via Krupp which starts just beneath the Gardens of Augustus.

Homer, in his epic “Odyssey”, has Ulysses and his men stranded on this beach, victims of the guiles of the beautiful and deadly dangerous mermaids.  

Though an island, Capri has few beaches, but they’re all equally petite and picturesque.


Visit Grotta Azzurra (or the Blue Grotto), one of the most beautiful sea caves in Italy. Hop aboard a wooden rowboat, lay back, and let yourself be carried through a tiny stone portal to another world.  Inside, pass from complete darkness into a sparkling cavern, lit by azure blue light, while the sounds of ancient Neapolitan song echo along the stone walls.  Sunlight, passing through an underwater cavity and shining through the seawater, creates a blue reflection that illuminates the cavern. The famous light is at its strongest between noon and two in the afternoon, though the reflections are spectacular all through the morning hours.

The cave which extends some 50 meters into the cliff at the surface, and is about 150 meters deep is a definite must while in Capri.

During Roman times, the grotto was used as the personal swimming pool of Emperor Tiberius (Tiberius’ Palace had a private passage to the Blue Grotto) as well as a marine temple decorated with statues of the Roman sea gods Neptune and Triton now on display at the Casa Rossa in Anacapri. For many years afterwards, the Blue Grotto was avoided by sailors, as local legends told of spirits and demons living there…


The islanders call it ”a chiazz”, or piazza. On the maps, Capri’s most famous square is called Piazza Umberto I. For the rest of the world it is the Piazzetta (the use of the suffix “etta” in Italian is a diminutive, and is used in affectionate reference to the square’s small size).
One thing everybody agrees on, is that it’s the heart of the island where, sooner or later, all those visiting Capri come to watch people come and go by.

The Piazzetta has always been the center of life on the island. In the past, it served as market square. In 1938, the young islander, Raffaele Vuotto, placed a few tables outside his bar in the Piazzetta and from that moment on, the square became a fashionable meeting place for both locals and visitors who, until that time, had socialized either at home or in the island’s hotels.

The real protagonists are, of course, the pavement cafes; one for each corner of the piazza. This is where you get the chance to mingle with the stars of the silver screen, photogenically sipping their coffee or cocktail at one of the bars’ little whicker tables.

Kristen Stewart "Paris in Rome"

Kristen Stewart stars in Chanel “Paris in Rome”

Chanel muse Kristen Stewart is the face of the Métiers d’art “Paris in Rome” advertising campaign. Lensed by Karl Lagerfeld, Stewart channels the French actress Yvonne Furneaux, who starred in Federico Fellini’s classic and acclaimed 1960 film La Dolce Vita*. The campaign was shot in a Parisian apartment, decorated with Art Deco furniture by Louis Süe and André Mare.
the CODE|Magazine decodes the campaign…

In the plush ambiance of a Parisian apartment, Kristen Stewart with her smoky eyes, red lipstick and tousled bob, embodies a sultry heroine straight out of a black and white Italian movie.
An intense character with a made-for-film face and look, she exposes one shoulder, is dressed, undressed and always emanates a pure Parisian elegance dubbed with a touch of Italian glamour.

Black and white, the emblematic colours of Chanel. Silhouettes playing with contrast. Lace tights and leather. Sensual and seductive. She wears nothing beneath her silk tulle jacket embroidered in sequins. Parisian allure of minimalistic chic. A story of luxury perfectly synched with the air du temps.


Kirsten Stewart for Chanel
Kirsten Stewart for Chanel
Kirsten Stewart for Chanel

“Karl never turns me into something I’m not. But like all good directors, he is capable of bringing qualities out of people that are sometimes not as obvious to them.”
Kristen Stewart – WWD

The “Paris in Rome” collection – elegant and of an absolute femininity – premiered in December at the Metiers d’Art show in Rome, illustrates the unique savoir-faire of the Métiers d’art introduced by Lagerfeld in 2002 as a way to exalt the specialty couture ateliers Chanel owns.


For Chanel, Stewart was also the face for Metiers d’Art Paris-Dallas collection in 2014. She has also appeared in Chanel campaigns for eyewear, the 11.12 handbag collection and for a makeup line, the latter photographed by Mario Testino.