Decoding theCODE|Magazine


theCODE|Magazine is a global destination in the form of a fully interactive, pioneering digital magazine designed to serve all those seeking a sophisticated content and a unique shopping experience in our hyper-connected world. 

Initially founded by Ada Nikolaou in 2013, theCODE|Magazine, has come a long way to reach its present, polished image. Since then, it took a lot of effort, experimentation and constant technology upgrades to create a high quality web publication along with an enhanced user experience. 

Its editorial team consists of people who have been working many years for world-renowned magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire; today, this passionate team creates original, sophisticated content for a demanding audience, dedicated to fashion, beauty, culture, travel and wellness. 

In theCODE|Magazine every single page is a whole new experience aiming to make you part of a community where everything you wish or inspires you is just a click away, a click closer. No need to tear the pages from your favorite magazine anymore…


So, welcome to theCODE|Magazine. Be inspired and as you page through and immerse yourself in its array of features feel free to share with us your input at info@beautenet.com


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